Where is Platinum Tents & Events located?

We are located in Wai'anae on the island of O'ahu, but we do events island wide.


Is delivery available?

Yes, we deliver to all parts of O'ahu. Delivery fees do vary based on location of your event.


Where will equipment be dropped upon delivery?

Equipment will be dropped at area specified by customer. Delivery location needs to be specified when placing order. Tents, lighting, staging and dance floors will be set up by PT&E employees upon delivery. Chairs, tables, tableware and linens will be stacked in neat piles under the tent and we expect to have it placed the same way upon pick up. ( a fee will apply if  equipment is not restacked.) However PT&E does setup and teardown chairs, tables, tableware and linens for a seperate fee inquire about pricing when making your purchase.


Are set-up and teardown of equipment included in pricing?

Installation and teardown fees of tents, basic lighting, staging and dance floors are included in the pricing. (specialty lighting excluded) Set-up and teardown of chairs, tables, tablewares and linens are not included but could be setup for an extra fee.


When should I place my order?

Ideally, orders should be placed 2-4 weeks in advance. Orders can be made 2-7 days before the event, but a late fee may be included. 


After I place my order, can I make changes?

Changes can be made up to a week before the event. Any changes made after that will likely include an additional late change fee.


How much is the deposit required to place an order?

We require a 25% deposit to reserve your rental.  


When is final payment due?

Final payment is due a week before the event.


Do items need to be clean when returned?

Items needs to be returned in the same condition they were received. (A fee will be charged if items are returned overly stained, dirty, broken or missing.)


What happens if there are missing items when we return?

A missing item fee will be added to your invoice if any equipment is missing. Damages to some equipment can only be determined once it has been returned to our warehouse. PT&E reserves up to 5 business days to process and record all charges.


Can I have an estimate before placing an order?

Yes, we do send out estimates before confiming your order. After you confim, an invoice will be sent to you.


Are deposits refundable?

We do not refund deposits under any circumstance.


Is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum order.​


What is the charge for long term rentals?

Please contact us if you need a long term rental.

**Please note: Platinum's website is constantly being updated so prices are subject to change without notice. 

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