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Sure, in an ideal world, you can just appear at your trade show venue and generate a bunch of leads. In the real world, it takes an astounding amount of planning, design skill, and teamwork. Every detail must be considered, from the size and shape to the physical construction of your display. However, many teams envision their booth without thinking of the logistics.

For instance, who will be in charge of shipping your booth? And once it’s arrived, who will be installing and dismantling your booth at the show, then shipping it back to where it needs to go? Believe us, after a long day of pitching and making sales, your team is not going to want to disassemble the display themselves!

At Exponents, we know that an event doesn’t just start and end at the venue. From setting up your booth to taking it down without any hassles, when you work with us, you can let our dedicated team of professionals take care of the transportation, storage, and assembly of your trade booth at the event. The only thing that you need to do is to focus on your product.

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